Misanthropy Pure is shaping to be one of the best hardcore records released in a long LONG time.  New vocalist Matt Ian Mazzali is a juiced up version of Jamey Jasta, with a scream thats mildly melodic and epic as all hell.  How he manages to wail over ever single stuttering pnumatic riff is beyond me.  The album’s title track is easily the most accessible track on the album and I mean that in a good way.  While so much heavy music is mindless chugging these days, Shai Hulud seem to switch up time signatures and styles (mind you I mean styles within the genre) so easily it’s scary.  Add in the catchy soaring guitar melodies and you have an anthemic barn burner of an album.  Check out the simple yet powerful video below.  Directed by the one and only David Broadsky. 

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