Unsettling Today: Kirk Cameron

Clearing the bar previously set by Glenn Beck talking about hip hop, Kirk Cameron is the new jump off for Unsettling Today. Honestly, it’s almost as though he was shooting to make this list, with his freaky intens-o eyes staring directly into your soul and whispering over and over again: “Sinner, everything you know is a lie” until I get a restraining order and a can of mace. Giant disembodied eyes prosthelytizing in the desert of my soul make a pretty good target for pepper spray there, Mike.

But seriously, surrealist imagery and Growing Pains references aside (the latter only temporarily), what I find most unsettling is the profound sense of indignation he has about education growing more secular in America. “61% of professors of Psychology and Biology are atheists!” Wait, seriously? Only 61%? Because I’m relatively sure that those fields involve a  survey of organisms and phenomena in nature that relies on empiricism and not an almost Calvinist sense of predestination in intelligent design.

Honestly I don’t even know where to go from here. I mean the linking of Hitler to Darwin, the statement that students should be allowed to see the correct answer and then make up their mind, the way they’re trying to sell the book as a great edition of Origin Of Speices. I just can’t rail against it all, it’s too much, it’s too much crazy. See for yourself.

hit the link for an eastern european girl who agrees that you can’t have the moral high ground after your best friend is named Boner. - jump to 1:00 to get right to the blow by blow.

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