Symphony of Science: Sagan kickin it hard.

Ok, so the autotuned science music video I posted before is part of a series. I did no follow up because I was too busy trying desperately to work in a Ghost In The Shell reference (which I did ftw). So here are the other two videos that have been released. They are both pretty good but, in my opinion (and no I will not abbreviate that), the first one is the jam. And by the jam, I mean, like if Nova tried to target an r&b demographic. Though one thing about these videos that is throwing me is that there is almost NO INFORMATION being conveyed here. I mean these videos are covering huge topics with staggering vagueness. “We are made of atoms” NO FUCKING SHIT SAGAN, get to the good stuff. Tell me about Pauli and Heisenberg doing a high five while discovering stuff about electrons. Cause that’s what I want to hear.

Second video: check out Bill Nye killin’ it with the harmony.

And to close it out today, this slow jam at #3. Peep Richard Dawkins seducing the crap out of you at 2:49

The basic purpose of these videos seems to be : “HOLY SHIT YOU GUYS, SPACE IS EFFING HUGE.”

check out The Symphony of Science

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