3 Thanksgivings Left Until 2012

In light of this shocking development/realization/statement of fact, I would like to propose that we expand this delicious holiday to twice or (dare I say) THRICE a year. Let’s be honest, turkey is scrumdiddlyumptious, stuffing may actually be better than turkey, and that cranberry shit that comes in a can? Well, let’s just say it could be can-shaped cancer and I would still be smearing that shit on EVERYTHING. So, we’re all in agreement, Thanksgiving is awesome. Your family gets drunk enough to be tolerable, you eat your face off, drink too much and yell at the football game, and then comes the best part. THANKSGIVING DAY-AFTER SANDWICHES.

Holy Crap. I can’t wait for later today, and February T-giving and then June Thanksapalooza. Seriously people, the world is going to end and not even John Cusack can save us.

Sidebar: In the trailer for 2012 when they get in the plane, why doesn’t anyone pull up? To avoid certain disaster on the ground, the air is a natural choice AS LONG AS YOU FLY ABOVE SEA LEVEL. God, even Baloo new that and he was a fucking BEAR.

Happy Thanksgiving dear reader.

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