Retro YT Roundup

In like 10 years this is going to be a children’s show. There will be entire episodes of renditions of Chocolate Rain and The Sneezing Panda.

Anyway, let’s kick it old school for a bit today dear reader, while I fill out a grad school application without nearly enough time to do a good job, thereby dashing my hopes of a successful future like the wine bottle that fell of my shelf last night and exploded on the floor.

First up, The David Lynch Goofy Movie. This video is so dead on it makes me want to watch the Goofy Movie again. Yeah that’s right, I’ve seen it. No you’re weird! YOU ARE!

Second up (which I had never seen before) is the Doc’s kid is a fucking perv in BTTF3. Which looks like an abbreviation for a movie called Buttfuck 3, which Paul has probably seen. Paul? Anyway, this starts off pretty innocuous and then takes a powerslide into awful when they do the slo-mo close up. God help me, it’s never going to leave me alone.

Also, this is the greatest thing YouTube has ever done for us:

Reducing humor to the juxtaposition of two elements.

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  1. rowdyroddypaulper says:

    Hand gestures aside, that kid (dwarf?) is dressed like he fucking wants it.

    Also, Butt Fuck 3 was The Godfather 2 of the Butt Fuck trilogy.

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