This is the daughter of the esteemed Reverend Fred Phelps, Pastor of the Westboro Baptist Church, webmaster to www.GodHatesFags.com and personal condemner of yours truly (seriously). Anyway, if this is how we’re going to kick off the new year, then… ah… you know what? I don’t even fucking know anymore. I just don’t. I can’t make fun of this shit anymore. Enjoy and welcome to the new year. If you need me I’m going to go try to find something awesome that can make up for this being the first post of 2010. I mean, this is awesome, but it’s also really really, really not.

@LadyGaga "Poker Face" parody by WBC is done! Lyrics: http://tiny.cc/LGL2 Music: sound bite

2 Responses to “WELCOME TO 2010. We’re FUCKED.”

  1. rowdyroddypaulper says:

    So God might hate fags but he fucking loves terribly recorded vocals.

  2. carter says:

    I love this. So much. So. so. so. much

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