The 1st Amendment: Pitfalls and Unforseen Consequences

I entreat you to watch this entire thing.

Do you think when those guys who invented YouTube went live with their creation they felt fear? Like the kind of fear that Oppenheimer felt when he saw the first Atomic Bomb test, and is famously quoted as saying “I am become death itself…” They launched a platform for self-expression and then realized, suddenly and horribly, the awful truth that they had just unleashed upon the world: People are totally weird as hell when they are alone.

Can I get a ruling on whether or not to file this under Elevator to Hell?

2 Responses to “The 1st Amendment: Pitfalls and Unforseen Consequences”

  1. Carter says:

    you see the dumb bullies go after the red hair… the smart ones go after his speech impediment.

  2. rowdyroddypaulper says:

    this kid thinks he’s got it bad? i’m an albino armenian for christsakes.

    i am interested in getting his thoughts on sunburn prevention, though.

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