Standard bullshit eye-grabbing title aside, this is actually one of the cooler things I’ve seen on the internet recently. I feel like most people will skip right to the video, which is fine, go right ahead. For those of you that didn’t and are still reading, I wanted to actually reflect on something kind of funny. This site is, for the most part, a curatorial experiment featuring the weirdest and strangest stuff from the, shall we say, “danker” parts of the internet. And I’m not talking about “I got tha headies bro” I’m talking moss and humidity and caves and darkness. “Sifting through the abject filth and detritus to bring you golden curiosities from 4chan to 7chan and everything in between” should be our tagline. We also tell funny stories and make crude graphics for them (I’m working on another cheesbugermelt post, but nothing that interesting happens to me on a daily basis…so). But anyway, I say all this because it’s easy to forget that the internet is not just a snark infested den of sexually frustrated teenagers, gays and extremists from both sides of the aisle sipping (nay guzzling) on haterade, it is in fact an end user network. No one controls how you see it, or where you decide to pitch your tent or build your house. So everyone gets a little corner. This is one corner I’m glad I wandered into.

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