You know what I want to do?  Stuff my dead dog’s ashes into a box complete with 7″ screen and USB connection. 


From the products manufacturer:

Display all of your favorite pet photographs with the latest in digital memorial technology. Available in Oak or Walnut wood, these photo urns represent a new generation in memorial design and capability.

With a 7″ diagonal screen you can display literally hundreds of your favorite pet and/or human memories. Each digital frame includes a battery operated remote control, a large 256 megabyte internal memory, power supply cord, and USB computer cord for transferring photo’s or audio files from your personal computer to the internal memory.

This urn has two compartments which you access from the removable bottom. The 1st compartment holds the digital frame while the 2nd has 95 cubic inches of space inside, accomodating pets from 0-75 lbs.

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