surfer blood

Surfer Blood – Swim (To Reach the End) – (Right Click To Download)

Well I stole this song from Pitchfork, because they’re the only people that had an MP3 of it.  Prior to that we were forced to choke on the proverbial grizzle of that god for saken myspace player.  It’s funny, you can’t stream a fucking microsecond of a song most of the time, but boy howdy they remember to serve you an ad over the player.

So for once, and you know you’ve wronged me PF (REALLY WRONGED me), thank you Pitchfork.

On to the music:  This song is fucking fantastic.  The conceited bloggeratzis will just say “this is just ripping off Band Of Horses.”  Yes, there’s a shit ton of reverb on the vocals, but the arrangement is pure power-pop wonderment.  Get your head out of your ass.  Taking cues from the better parts of Weezer’s back catalog, the band twists Cuomo and Co.’s penchant for the crisp and clean (save Pinkerton) wildly into the world of lo-fi/no-fi.  It seems to be all the rage these days.  Throwing in a bit of Cheap Trick goodness doesn’t hurt either – and I HATE Cheap Trick.

Put this jam on, you’ll feel like you’re driving in West Palm Beach with the band after a high school football game.  Home-made meth optional.  Aren’t kids down there in to huffing anyway?

Go team go.

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