Worst Party/Viral Ad/Promotional Material/Best Joke Ever?

This. Is. Perplexing. Maybe it’s because it’s 11:30pm and I’m on cuppa coffee number 3 starting at 10:30pm, seriously I’m drinking this shit like I just got out of an AA meeting. That’s not a joke, it’s an honest similie. Anyway, back to the issue at hand. What the fuck is this. If anyone has a direct line to Bill Gates, I would like to call him up and ask him/inform him because I’m sure he has no idea that this weirdness is out there.

Let’s assess. We have a painfully inept cast of actors that are so race/age correct they must have been hired out of a benneton ad afterschool special focus group for a local government public policy initiative. They are having a party (ostensibly) for Windows 7 (I thought that was the joke until I started seeing ads for it) in the kitchen. Do they want us to do this? Do they want us to laugh? Do they want us to writhe uncomfortably at the painfully stale marketing of the painfully stale windows platform? WAIT! IS THAT IT? Is this some sort of meta, post-modern attempt at new post-viral advertising? Holy shit, Microsoft is back ladies and – wait what the fuck am I saying? By the way, don’t watch this whole thing. There’s absolutely no point.

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