Suceedblog, Ghostbusters and More Bullshit from the Internet

Some days, I don’t know what the point of being alive anymore is. I mean, other than stumbling upon or being sent something on the internet and then duly reblogging/reposting those items that catch my fancy. Hours a day are spent absent mindedly-snaking my way through the internet like a pipe-cleaner in a pipe that will not, for the love of god, just stay clean so I can get on with my life….maybe make some friends? Go out to dinner? SEE THE SUN?

Anyway, the internet has pretty much become akin to an electron cloud (fig1), wherein the points mapped are not probability but actual transmission. Actually there’s probably a math god somewhere who has an accurate algorithm for measu – i haven’t read lately. I’ll go check that right now. Here, look at this.

Electron Cloud

Hahahah, ah xkcd. You never fail to hit my nerdy funnybone. Oh, what’s that? Oh yeah, ok here’s a good one.

Oh but what I wanted to tell you about was Succeedblog. Which is like GMH to FML for FailBlog

ok, you up to speed? Now, SucceedBlog is kind of annoying in that optimistic internet way. Which is funny because internet savvy is always equated to a general sense of misanthropy thanks mostly in part to the misanthropists of Anonymous and the 4/7chan mafia. But they are the silent arbiters of the intarweb and I beseech them to forgive me if I have spoken out of turn. Anyway, that aside, Suceedblog is annoying because I don’t care about watching people accomplish things, though now that I think about it, I will probably be able to out more robots for my Robots Today column by watching people to extraordinary things…

And this post has devolved into stream of consciousness. What did I want to say…?
Ghostbusters. Remember how I said that Rolcats was the weirdest meme I know of? Well, a little bit of trolling on Succeedblog and I’ve found something slightly weirder. Additionally, I think it may have already passed meme status and quietly coagulated to a proper subculture. (Side note: Another weird thing about the internet is that you can come crashing through the brush upon a species of gorilla that no one has ever seen before and be like “HOLY SHIT NEW GORILLAS!” and go all Jane Goodall on its ass. Then, you log immediately onto Facebook only to discover that 15 of your friends are Fans of it and someone just posted a picture of you, watching it. It blows.) Anyway, so multitracking is a trend I first discovered (yeah, like Columbus, he discovered America, you know) about 2 years ago, just as a simple tool to bypass expensive recording software for amateur musicians uploading their stuff to youtube. Now apparently, sometime either well before or after that, this became a thing.

Right? I mean, besides the overwhelmingly conflicted feelings I have over whether or not this guy needs to be rewarded for his nerd-street-cred in learning every part of the Ghostbusters theme song or dragged out into the sunlight and introduced to a real girl, there’s this insightful little comment below it.

Picture 23

I mean, I’m loath to read any youtube comments as I’m relatively certain the genuine stupidity can leap through the FUCKING SCREEN AND CRAWL INTO YOUR EYES….but that last little tidbit there…why…whatever could he mean? So I, being a good detective and ultimately your advocate dear reader, follow up.

I find:THIS
So many heads haven’t been seen since the days of the Hydra and Cerberus! My god! It’s a one man Barbershop Quartet! Anyway, so I guess this is a thing too. Couldn’t embed, but you get the picture. The internet has really opened our eyes to the people around us, insofar as it makes us aware of subcultures that should have remained in the subbasement. LIKE ONE MAN A CAPELLA. Sweet mercy. See below.


Thanks for sticking with me, dear reader, as we trolled the internet again, for more bullshit. In the meantime, let’s kick it old school with this video of the 2004 presidential election.

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