Thoughts on whether or not Autotune has become youtubebiquitous, Carl Sagan?

Ohhhhh kay.

To me, this is the sign we were waiting for that autotuning things that are not music has reached critical mass. Thank you Gregory Bros, thank you legion of multitrackers that can’t actually sing, and thank you T-Pain. It has been a wonderful year, but now, I think we can put this on the shelf and break it out again over Christmas 2015 with a sense of warm nostalgia. Either that or this is, like everyone has feared/speculated on, the next generation of music. All music will be increasingly esoteric and abstract forms of autotuned layered nonsense.

Well, at least it’s not trance.

Though, I have to say, this is a cut above the Autotune the News productions. There’s some real thought that went into this, and they did autotune Stephen Hawking, a man who’s only voice is ALREADY DIGITAL. Redigitizing the already artificial, even further dehumanizing it? I’m pretty sure Shirow Masamune is telling you right now that he told you so.

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