Would You Rather

Get punched in the stomach by this guy:

Or watch Big Band Theory without the laugh track:

I’m going to go with punched in the stomach. You know what, even with the laugh track I’m going to go with punched in the stomach. Big Bang Theory is offensive, pretty much all the time. It’s offensive to everyone who decided not to spend most of their life being average. It’s also offensive to people who like television. It’s a bad show. I will say it again for emphasis: IT’S A BAD SHOW.

I think I might be in the minority opinion on this, but something about it seriously gets under my skin. I think this video without the laugh track illustrates why.

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  1. Mallard says:

    Wait was that Darlene from Roseanne?? Because that other guy used to play her boyfriend on the show. Just hopping from one bad show to another. WHERE’S JOHN GOODMAN WHEN YOU NEED HIM LOL!?!?!


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