Seriously, Did CollegeHumor hire new staff or something?

OK, so this is officially the third time we’ve reposted something from collegehumor. WTF?
I remember in fucking high school when college humor was a site on the same level as
wait, does that still exist?

It does and it’s gone full porno….well ok then.
So anyway, who else remembers at the dawn of the internet when collegehumor was a site devoted to funny drunk videos and the kind of bottom-barrel internet curiosities that generally weren’t even accepted by ebaumsworld? And to not be accepted by ebaumsworld…i mean JESUS. That’s a bar set so low I can’t even see it. But now, they are producing sketches…that are funny. And like, some of them are REALLY funny. Like this one, for instance. A geek centric joke about internet trolls? Collegehumor where have you gone? This is a bold new land and I for one am on board. (Side note: A troll in my understanding is a mean trick, whereas someone that exists just to piss you off on a message board is more specifically designated a flamer. And I think I’m a totally different kind of flamer for saying that….great, now I’m going to take another ride on the low self-esteem cheeseburger)

OH SHIT, THIS VIDEO IS NSFW for language reasons. Like the fact that the first thing the troll says is “faggot.”
So headphones everyone…headphones.

2 Responses to “Seriously, Did CollegeHumor hire new staff or something?”

  1. sacha says:

    is there a high-self esteem cheeseburger? if so, i would like to take a ride on that please.

  2. Ryan says:

    I liked the one where the TMNT actually use their weapons. I always wondered about that…

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