Das Racist is the frankenstein of flow

Seriously. Let’s talk about this for a second. Das Racist’s breakout hit was the wallpaper remix of a song about being in a combination pizza hut and taco bell. It was hilarious. Like, it was HILARIOUS, but it was a joke. The original song had miserable production value and it was only through the genius of wallpaper’s remix that the lyrics came across as being funny and strange instead of just dumb and uninspired. Which pretty much left me with the understanding that DR was destined to be a one-off internet novelty. The kind of digital curio that this website so often collects and leaves in a glass case so that guests can look at them and be a little weirded out about why we collect so much odd shit. Aaaaaaaaaaaanyway. That apparently is not what happened. Instead, DR did ostensibly little to nothing for about a year and then released this song/video, which boggles the mind. Sounding all at once like a Doom B-side, a little like the Deltron album, and a lot like the Cool Kids by the end of it, the whole thing is a jumbled mess of stoner-flow-hipster-rap and I love it. They say it best themselves “I’m so so po-mo, catch me on the south side kickin it with schlomo.” Rapping about Williamsburg, fast food, the internet, Saved By The Bell, credit card debt and Jeff Mangum, DR’s got the zeitgeist in a stick and box trap for sure. The only problem is, whenever you catch the zeitgeist it’s usually dead already and you have to go about the business of catching it again.

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