In Mr. Oizo’s latest masterwork of adorable, yellow, slightly overweight and very well articulated puppetry, Flat Eric rides a scooter through the trees, and then he doesn’t. And then we find out what Pharrell has been up to since guesting on The Blueprint 3. I guess the new N.E.R.D. album isn’t coming together quite fast enough?

I kind of love this, but seriously, when he pushes play WHERE IS THE JAM OIZO?? NYmag posted this quoting Oizo about the video: “this short film has NOTHING TO SELL, I just did it for NO REASON.” Ugh fine. Let me just say I would prefer it if you were lying.

Side note: NYmag also said that you would also remember Flat Eric from the “Levi’s” ads. Where the fuck were you in 1999! Probably watching the matrix, you posers.

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