“Art is hard,”

so said Tim Kasher on Cursive’s wonderful 2003 effort The Ugly Organ.  He’s right after all, I mean who are we to define the essence of a medium so varied – so quintessentially self-emotive.  But at the heart of art is emotion.  Feeling.

Seafood Tower’s self titled debut EP is an astounding accomplishment for a new artist.  Not since Springsteen’s audible existential crisis album Nebraska have we heard something so deeply rooted in beautiful angst and self-doubt.

Yet, there are two distinct differences that position Seafood Tower away from the obvious Nebraska comparisons:  the mega bombastic electro drum glitches and FM Synthesis squelches, and the fact that Seafood Tower is in fact an American Apparel Mannequin.

Oh did I mention the album is instrumental?  Seafood Tower creates it’s work by throwing itself on studio equipment repeatedly.  There’s no head.  Head begats mouth.  There are no vocals.

The name alone comes from a fall onto a keyboard programmed to take the first search result and immediately send out a press release.

Studio photo of Seafood Tower's first recording session

Seafood Tower will be hitting the road with Dan Deacon and A Place To Bury Strangers all through Ramadan so keep a look out.  I’ve been listening to Cursive longer than you have.  Do you even own Domestica?

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