“Dont worry if I write rhymes/I write checks,” says lil’ ole Uffie in her new focus track from June’s whatever-titled Sex Dreams And Denim Jeans

Trust me Uff, I’m not fucking worried.  I’m just not – and I worry a lot.  I worry about my work, whether or not I left the door unlocked, if there’s food in my teeth, if we are in fact heading towards the apocalypse, whether or not the Lindberg baby was REALLY kidnapped, Falcon Heene, the success of J4, Harry Whittington’s recovery progress, and dinosaurs.

I don’t worry about your MC Speak and Spell immature cocaine party-girl gobbledygook.  You are a performer that wows only the most saccharine sheeple waiting in line for a DJ Skribble party.  Marquee is calling.

That said the powers around you conspired to make a pretty dope video.

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