Once Again PETA Does Little To Expand Their Base

You know I love vegetarians.  I fucking LOVVVEEEEE vegetarian restaurants.  Actually… you know what?  Fugghit.  I even love vegans.  But this shit is so stupid.



 SO FUCKING STUPID.  Most of America that doesn’t touch an ocean (except for that ring of Texas to Florida) already thinks PETA is a bunch of elitist pinko commies, so why would these skinny-idealistic-egg-throwing-American-Spirit-Smoking-hipsters choose to alienate the rest of the country?  Because they’re better than everyone… obviously.  Eating food with a shadow is so Y2K.

I mean it IS fucking funny, but it’s tasteless and low brow.  Add a NO FEAR logo to it while you’re at it.  Silly vegans.

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