So the Emmy’s (Emmies?) happened

Ah the Emmy’s. They’re like the oscars for people who matter less. Wait, what’s that? Ludicrously high production values, large viewer base and, on top of it all, NPH? Shut the front door. No, seriously, shut it because I want to watch every second of Neil Patrick Harris’ hosting alone, giggling to myself and having the kind of starry-eyed wonder and boycrush envy that only a straight man in his parents house can have by himself.

Seriously though. He is one of the few openly gay major celebrities, playing the best womanizer on the planet on a mediocre show that succeeds HUGELY based mostly on his (and jason segel’s) characters, and also he was DOOGIE HOWSER. And Dr. Horrible. And that episode of SNL was tits. Yeah, all of that. Now, watch below and tell me that this isn’t the kind of grace and effortless talent and charisma that I guess you just don’t see that much anymore.

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