Reasons I love wearing a jumpsuit.

I’m wearing a jumpsuit right now, and it’s awesome. And I’ll tell you why.

1. College kids look at me with pity.”Oh I’m getting a college degree so I’ll never have to put one of those on. I’m never going to be working class” WRONG DBAG. You’re going to be working class, and you know why? SUB LIST

[1. Bachelors degrees dont mean shit. They're a dime a dozen. Honestly, you'll make more money getting your associates in criminal justice or whatever than you will working at brueggers waiting for your writing career to "take off" *sob*

2. You're an asshole, and no one, not one person, except maybe Paul, likes assholes]

2. NO NONSENSE. I mean, no pants, no shirt. Just SUIT. No buttons, no lining, no frilly bullshit, just pockets and canvas.

3. It’s roomy. Like 1995 roomy. Like “dot com stocks are booming and my kids are wearing jncos cause the economy is so strong and we can buy as much fabric as we fucking like” roomy. I read something about that once. Anyway, there’s room in there.

4. I know I touched on this before, but fucking POCKETS. The pockets are awesome.

Reasons I don’t like wearing a jumpsuit.

1. Sometimes, your balls can get caught on the zipper. This list would not exist except that that just happened. To me. And it sucked.

I’m a janitor for halloween, what are you, dear reader?

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