I saw the best minds of my generation destroyed by madness, starving hysterical and generally about 18-24 inches away from a computer screen.

I will post the real version of this video at the end of this. I originally posted this and invoked the most culturally relevant opening line in all of 20th century poetry (challenge) because I wanted to talk about something. When do I not want to talk ad nauseum about something you ask? Rarely, you ass. Don’t interrupt me when I’m talking.

I wanted to talk about something and then I got distracted by this which considering the source, is a surprisingly incisive take on the sprawling ‘counterculture’ that seems to invoke and include everything ever to some degree or another. I just think you should read it. It’s fluff at its core, as is all color-commentary of culture-at-large, but it’s interesting fluff. About as enduringly meaningful as the halftime report when you listen to Boomer talk about how the losing team needs to keep the ball and score more points but really all you can do is look at Shannon Sharpe’s tie knot and be like “he has to custom order that, right? there’s not enough material on any tie i’ve ever seen to craft something on that scale.”

The link comes courtesy of Monica Westin, smartest lady in all of the Chicagoland area. The video is courtesy of the NYNeoFuturists, whom I love and will forever continue to admire.

And now, the prestige:

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  1. James says:

    Protip: If you really want to lose your mind, try playing both at the same time.

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