Hate Crime Fail: Why the welsh can’t do anything right.

Ok, this is possibly the sweetest just desserts I’ve ever seen. I mean, seriously, in the pantheon of comeuppance, no one has ever deserved it more than this pair of drunk, homophobic, welshmen. So, just to give the rundown, these two assholes bon vivants of the UK’s asshole, are running 1/2 shirtless through the streets assaulting randos and generally being assholes bon vivants. Making friends, the fisty way. Then at around 1:00, I’m going to imagine the conversation went like this (translated loosely from the unintelligible mess that is the welsh accent compounded by the extreme inebriation)

Shirt: Oi! Look at those thar two queers there in the skirts wot!

Shirtless: I’m straight then, wot! I hates some of those faeries with the wo wot!

Third guy: Um, are you freaking serious? Those guys are like 300 pounds.

Shirt: They be waring skirts then! They must be queer then! WOT!

Shirtless: I’m straight then and I bet Oi can take them then them!

Third guy: Um, that guy definitely has a cauliflower ear. Like a bad one.

Shirtless: Hey queer, nice heels!

Shirt: Oi he told you then!

Third guy quietly disappears off camera R

Concussions. Blackout.

That’s right careful reader, these two cross-dressers are FUCKING CAGE FIGHTERS OUT ON THE TOWN. They enjoy dressing up like women and destroying men’s bodies. Seriously, both of those dudes go down in less than a second. THEN THE ONE GUY STOPS TO PICK UP HIS CLUTCH.

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Why I Love Cracked.com: A Review Of Windows 7

People really hate on Cracked.com, but goddamn, those motherfuckers are REALLY funny sometimes.  For example: Take this post where Cracked.com writer Chris Bucholz attempts to buy a pirated copy of Windows 7 on eBay.  Here is what showed up:

Screen shot 2009-10-06 at 3.52.06 PM

Amazing.  He then continues to write a thousand word review discussing hardware and network configurations.  It is one of the funniest nerd/tech stories I’ve read in a LONG time.  Bravo.


Kenny Loggins: A Discussion In Improvement

Inventive Facebook Comedy. College Humor Makes Me Laugh For The First Time.

Oh Amanda… Despite the flower in your hair. You’re still a bitch.

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Is this real?

Obligatory SNL Short Repost: The Lonely Island – Throw It On The Grown

<3 Lonely Island.  One of the best shorts yet.

Patrick Wolf – “Hard Times” Video: Too many kinds of awesome?

Ok I have always loved Patrick Wolf.  His fourth album, The Bachelor came out back in June, but I somehow missed this video.  I think Americans will be quick to judge – calling him some sort of male Lady Gaga.  But the truth is: Mr. Wolf has been a wandering couture psychopath for quite sometime.  So back the fuck off.  Watch the video in all it’s sexual ambiguity and neon wonderfulness.  Or maybe I’ll end up hating this in a few minutes.  Regardless, getting dumped occasionally spawns great albums.  This is proof.



WTF: Retarded But Cool Sandwiches

Big WTF to these assholes, but he at least Toxel was talking about you. Click through to see sandwiches shaped like Spongebob (ugh), Wall-E (kinda cool?), and Pac Man (too easy). The bacon sandwich though WILL blow your mind. My two favorites are below.