In Mr. Oizo’s latest masterwork of adorable, yellow, slightly overweight and very well articulated puppetry, Flat Eric rides a scooter through the trees, and then he doesn’t. And then we find out what Pharrell has been up to since guesting on The Blueprint 3. I guess the new N.E.R.D. album isn’t coming together quite fast enough?

I kind of love this, but seriously, when he pushes play WHERE IS THE JAM OIZO?? NYmag posted this quoting Oizo about the video: “this short film has NOTHING TO SELL, I just did it for NO REASON.” Ugh fine. Let me just say I would prefer it if you were lying.

Side note: NYmag also said that you would also remember Flat Eric from the “Levi’s” ads. Where the fuck were you in 1999! Probably watching the matrix, you posers.

Das Racist is the frankenstein of flow

Seriously. Let’s talk about this for a second. Das Racist’s breakout hit was the wallpaper remix of a song about being in a combination pizza hut and taco bell. It was hilarious. Like, it was HILARIOUS, but it was a joke. The original song had miserable production value and it was only through the genius of wallpaper’s remix that the lyrics came across as being funny and strange instead of just dumb and uninspired. Which pretty much left me with the understanding that DR was destined to be a one-off internet novelty. The kind of digital curio that this website so often collects and leaves in a glass case so that guests can look at them and be a little weirded out about why we collect so much odd shit. Aaaaaaaaaaaanyway. That apparently is not what happened. Instead, DR did ostensibly little to nothing for about a year and then released this song/video, which boggles the mind. Sounding all at once like a Doom B-side, a little like the Deltron album, and a lot like the Cool Kids by the end of it, the whole thing is a jumbled mess of stoner-flow-hipster-rap and I love it. They say it best themselves “I’m so so po-mo, catch me on the south side kickin it with schlomo.” Rapping about Williamsburg, fast food, the internet, Saved By The Bell, credit card debt and Jeff Mangum, DR’s got the zeitgeist in a stick and box trap for sure. The only problem is, whenever you catch the zeitgeist it’s usually dead already and you have to go about the business of catching it again.

This is what happens when you think too hard about advertising.

I kind of want to do some more research into this, but I’m pretty sure a whole bunch of people lost their jobs after this campaign came out. Think of how many people had to say, “Yeah, I see where you’re going with this and I like it.”

I also like the inherent message of “Don’t be a fatty if you don’t want your husband to sleep around” in the tv spot below. Also that jingle is HAUNTING.

I mean can’t you imagine the scene in Mad Men where Peggy pitches the campaign, being like, “You want to stay in his mind, forever the way you were when you were young…when you just met, when you first fell in love. That’s the way you want him to see you in his mind’s eye, all the time. Every woman wants that, wants to feel loved like they were when they were just a girl…to stick in that place.” And then someone else is like “A mind-sticker.” And then AMC cancels the show because that is AWFUL.

CREEP ME OUT (turbo edition)

While the symbolic wheels come off the wagon right at the end of this video, the vast majority is a beautifully filmed, very minimal creepy as fuck trip with two twee girls in the woods. Is it a Red Riding Hood story? Is it something about twins? Is it…I don’t know, Norwegian or some shit? Maybe none, maybe all of the above. All I do know is that it’s a pretty creepy track with a pretty creepy video.

Babe Rainbow – Shaved from Salazar on Vimeo.

A 4chan Gem

click to enlargo

I’m Diving Head-First Into 4Chan AND YOU CANT FUCKING STOP ME.

There are some BRILLIANT pictures in 4chan (if you dont mind sifting through ENDLESS porn).  If you’ve never experienced the feeling of being mortified while laughing here’s your intro.

Slap the rodent button to make this bigger

“Nah nah nah… I don’t regret a DAMN thing”

I pray to god that’s photoshopped…. (alternative: I pray to god that baby has a face tat)



Seriously, Did CollegeHumor hire new staff or something?

OK, so this is officially the third time we’ve reposted something from collegehumor. WTF?
I remember in fucking high school when college humor was a site on the same level as steakandcheese.com
wait, does that still exist?

It does and it’s gone full porno….well ok then.
So anyway, who else remembers at the dawn of the internet when collegehumor was a site devoted to funny drunk videos and the kind of bottom-barrel internet curiosities that generally weren’t even accepted by ebaumsworld? And to not be accepted by ebaumsworld…i mean JESUS. That’s a bar set so low I can’t even see it. But now, they are producing sketches…that are funny. And like, some of them are REALLY funny. Like this one, for instance. A geek centric joke about internet trolls? Collegehumor where have you gone? This is a bold new land and I for one am on board. (Side note: A troll in my understanding is a mean trick, whereas someone that exists just to piss you off on a message board is more specifically designated a flamer. And I think I’m a totally different kind of flamer for saying that….great, now I’m going to take another ride on the low self-esteem cheeseburger)

OH SHIT, THIS VIDEO IS NSFW for language reasons. Like the fact that the first thing the troll says is “faggot.”
So headphones everyone…headphones.

Chatroulette. Is. Still. Crazy.

I know everyone has probably seen this but…
Fucking genius. Chatroulette has once again shown us that
A) No one knows the difference between your and you’re
B) Most men on chatroulette are looking for vaginas
C) Young girls will care about anything

The fucking zeitgeist, streaming for your amusement.